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Characters: Firion, Vaan
Rating: Probably no higher than PG
Synopsis: Firion and Vaan get to go bungee-jumping for their date night!
Warnings: Awkwardness, lulz, two pretty boys going on a date, maybe snark and jealousy? Also probably girlish screaming due to ALMOST FALLING TO YOUR DEATH FROM BUNGEE JUMPING. I dunno. I'm just listing all the possibilities here.

Firion had signed up for this "date night" out of curiosity, wanting to have fun and meet people. Of course, he did secretly hope to get someone in particular as a date, but he knew that the chances of that happening were slim, so it did not matter too much. He figured it wouldn't be too bad of a night, that is, until he heard what he and his date were to do: bungee-jumping.

Firion considered himself a brave person, and Maria looked up to him as a leader, but he couldn't understand the point of jumping off a cliff for no reason. Was it supposed to be fun or something? He couldn't imagine why something like that would be fun, and it did not sound in the least bit safe. Firion would gladly put his life on the line if there was a reason or a point to it, but this just seemed fruitless.

He sighed and walked to the cliff side where he was supposed to meet a person named "Vaan". Maybe he could get out of this "bungee-jumping" activity and just sit down and have a real date, like the ones where people go out to dinner and talk and such. Jumping off a cliff for no reason was not Firion's idea of a date.
Tags: !date night, !firion, !vaan
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