Laguna Loire (jurnalisticprez) wrote in moogle_island,
Laguna Loire

rhythm is gonna get you...tonight!

Characters: Laguna and Tifa
Rating: G probably
Summary: candle-lit dinner date night between two (in my opinion) compatible people!
Warnings: none probably

Laguna had heard of past date nights mentioned as this one drew near. He had also heard the moogles would play jokes sometimes, pairing male and male for example, or choosing unusual places/ activities for dates. But a candle-lit dinner didn't seem so out-of-the-ordinary. Laguna was slightly relieved not to have gotten something crazy like bungee-jumping, but he was also unsure if he really wanted to do this. He'd never met this person Tifa before, and being unfamiliar with the name, he wasn't sure if that person was male or female.

Despite that, he decided to go to their hut first, not sure he could recognize them if they came to the dining spot anyway. Hopefully they'd be'd be pretty awkward waiting, going there after a while of waiting, finding them there, and realizing <i>he</i> was the one that was now late.

Tags: !date night, !laguna, !tifa
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