Hayner (xhayner) wrote in moogle_island,

Characters: Hayner and Xande
Rating: TBA
Summary: Date night with Xande, this can't go well.
Warnings: Xande.

It was a way to meet new people and maybe have some fun, that was exactly why Hayner had signed up for date night. He really had no clue what to expect or who to expect, but he was excited to find out. Candlelit dinner sounded nice, he just still didn't know who it was with.

He had arrived with no need for the moogles to push or force him. After all, Hayner was still wondering who to expect. Sitting down at the table which had candles lit up, the setting was meant to be romantic. Well at least the moogles had picked something that really worked as a date.

For now, he simply leaned back in his chair, relaxing and waiting.
Tags: !date night, !hayner, !xande
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