smith_of_kazus (smith_of_kazus) wrote in moogle_island,

Characters: Refia, Xande
Rating: PG-13
Synposis: Refia and Xande meet up again at what could possibly be the worst time.
Warnings: XANDE. And violence.

Refia strolled idly through moogle cenrral. rather bored to be honest. Balthier had been a little tense about the disappearance of Alina, which she thought was odd as well. Much as she didn't like her, she was a little sad that she was gone, since apparently a lot of people were missing her.
This made her think of Luneth. He had been excited to hear that she was 'back'. But he said they were friends, so that made sense! She couldn't help but feel a little skeptical, though. It sounded a little familiar, his name, but... nothing really came to mind. The Light Warrior shook her head. No, she probably just had to meet him in person. All she had was a name, she couldn't remember anything off that!

Now that she thought, about it, she hadn't gotten around to meeting him since date night had ended. She would probably have to arrange a date when she got back to her hut.
Tags: !refia, !xande
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