Xande (vain_immortal) wrote in moogle_island,

Characters: Xande, Warrior/Matias
Rating: PG? PG-13?
Synopsis: The two hutmates become BFFs! :D
Warnings: Xande.

For the first time in quite a while, Xande was actually content. He had finally succeeded in extracting his revenge against one of the Warriors of Light for ending his life, and now he knew he could do the same thing to the three others. They needed to know the utter horror of death, the pure fear from ceasing to exist, and everything that went along with it.

He had no idea where Luneth and the others were, but perhaps it was best for now that he let them discover Refia's whereabouts on their own. The shock and fear in their faces would be absolutely priceless.

Xande had left Refia's body at the neck of the woods. It would be stupid to leave her corpse out in the middle of Mog Central where she died, as it would have caused quite a stir. No, let the people come to her hollow shell one by one and find out for themselves what had happened.

Picturing the horrified reactions of the band of Light Warriors, he grinned, settling down into a chair in the kitchen of his hut with Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy. Come to think of it, he was fairly new to this particular hut. He had been shuffled around between huts and hutmates several times for one reason or another and begrudgingly went along with it. So, as he lay his feet on the wooden kitchen table, the way it shook felt slightly foreign to him, but he would get used to it.
Tags: !matias, !xande
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