Galuf Halm Baldesion (travelsbymeteor) wrote in moogle_island,
Galuf Halm Baldesion

Characters: Galuf and whoever
Rating: G ...
Synopsis: This island receives another old man
Warnings: amnesia

If Moogle Island was a person, this is how this story would go: The Island was enjoying another beautiful day. How it loved to live in the tropics. It felt sorry for its counterpart brethren in the cold oceans of the north, but they did <i>choose</i> to live there. Like a person, this island had inhabitants, except its inhabitants weren't bacteria or cells but people and moogles and other creatures, plus trees and stuff. So the island, due to the experiments or something of the top moogle, had been taking in many more creatures in the recent years. 

Now here came another one. This one was an old man, different from the barrage of younger people. He was splashed upon its shores, a kind of "oomph" feeling to the island, and there he lay. As usual, some moogles came by to give him a black backpack while he still slumbered. Why the moogles never woke the people up was questionable to the island. So this old man woke up in much the same way, looking about himself very confused. He found that black bag, saw the name, recognized it as his own (the island saw that glance of "oh!" in his eyes), got up, and started walking on down the shoreline for whatever reason...probably to find someone or some evidence of ship wreck before going in to the interior.

Tags: !intro
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