Red XIII or Nanaki (7treesscarred13) wrote in moogle_island,
Red XIII or Nanaki

catfruit are not dead

Characters: Nanaki, open to whoever comes across him
Rating: PG13 for were-people
Summary: Nanaki eats a catfruit and turns...into a human! And clothes aren't going to magically appear, and he doesn't normally see the need for clothes, so...
Warnings: unabashed nudity

Nanaki sat peacefully on the forest floor. Frogs croaked by a distant stream. Birds called to each other and sang with abandon. Something was rustling the grass and two squirrels chased each other up a tree. The fiery beast opened his eye and sniffed. There was a beam of sunlight to his right which reflected something. Nanaki moved closer to it and found this surprising shape to be a fruit. He looked up and saw no tree bearing these fruits, nor a fruitful bush or vine. Someone could have been carrying it and dropped it here.

Nanaki looked around, sniffed around. No one had been in this spot for a while. This fruit had been forgotten. It did look appetizing, though. The outside was firm and colorful. Nanaki wasn't against trying new foods, so he picked it up and ate it, hardly chewing before he swallowed, the custom of most beasts.

This spot in the sunshine was warm, so Nanaki remained where he was and lay down. However, something was making him uncomfortable. An itching sensation spread across his body and it felt like he was shedding. He was shedding. His claws were growing inward and his tail felt like it was contracting like an accordion. After a painful instant, Nanaki lay still, braced on hands and knees. Long red hair fell across his shoulders. His eye, now more in the center of his face, looked at the pale skin of his hands, complete with nails and opposable thumbs.

"What?" he said in a high voice. 

Tags: !edgar, !red xiii
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