Riku (vir_crepusculi) wrote in moogle_island,

Characters: Riku, open
Rating: probably pg
Summary: Riku comes to Moogle Island again, but he doesn't know that
Warnings: amnesia?

The sound of the sea was second nature to Riku. He took its swishing and murmuring for granted, although had he been anyplace else, he would have surely noted its absence. Falling asleep on the beach was also nothing new to the boy. So it came as no surprise to Riku to find himself on a beach.

He felt he’d been here long enough and it was time to start heading back. But back to where? Taking in the panorama, this beach looked completely unfamiliar from the beach he knew—what was its name? This beach…was it an island like his beach or a mainland?

The confused teen took his eyes from the horizon of trees and spotted a black bag near him. It said “Riku” on it. Oh yeah! That was his name!

Had he actually forgotten his own name?

Tags: !eiko, !intro, !riku
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