Leo Christophe (leo_christophe) wrote in moogle_island,
Leo Christophe

Not-So-Happy Hour

Characters: Leo and Auron
Rating: PG-13 for excessive drinking
Summary: Leo drowns his sorrows in ale and gains a drinking buddy in the process.
Warnings: Angst, alcohol abuse.

Since he had arrived on the island, Leo had often wondered why everyone except himself remembered important memories quite easily. A mere glance at something or someone familiar seemed to recall an interesting experience or anecdote from his friends' pasts, while he could only evoke a vague, often uncomfortable feeling at best.

That is, until he ran to rescue Terra from Kefka, and suddenly remembered everything. During the long, painful struggle with Doma that was finally reaching a successful conclusion with loss of life at a minimum, he received a letter via carrier pigeon announcing Celes' defection and his implication in her crimes. During the panic that ensued, he left the army in the hands of someone who was too weak-willed to fight Kefka when he arrived with poison that tainted both the water supply and the air. Three-thousand innocent Domans died that day, not to mention the imperials who were inside the fortress. Leo's snap decision caused over three-thousand needless deaths. It was his fault.

To add insult to injury, Kefka shattered the Figaro alliance that Leo had spent six years of his life working toward by trying to set the castle on fire! What could he have said to repair that? 'I'm sorry my compatriot firebombed your palace on a whim. So... uhm... how about those hydroponic greenhouses?' Right, that would have gone over swimmingly.

Eventually, Kefka was brought to justice... or so Leo thought. Apparently, it was just a ruse to lull Leo into a false sense of security when he went to make peace with the Espers who had understandably attacked city center. As soon as they made peace, Kefka and everyone else Leo believed were his friends showed up with consent from Gestahl to kill the Espers. Leo had fought bravely... and lost through some magical trickery on Kefka's part. The last thing he remembered before washing up on the island with nothing but the blood-splattered, ripped-up clothes on his back was his enemy's grating laugh.

Leo had fought and killed for the Empire, believing that he was bringing freedom to everyone oppressed by hereditary monarchy and protecting the people and places that he loved. But after running into Kefka, he realized that the Emperor was a worse man than all of the kings he vilified, and the people and places that Leo loved really weren't worth saving. His life was lived for no reason at all, and he was a waste of space.

Suddenly, Leo's slowness to regain memories made sense. His mind was trying to save him from himself by blocking these from him and making the strangest little things like his father's yogurt bread recipe and his sister's wedding cake seem like matters of utmost importance. But this means of coping could only work for so long. He had to face his past and come to accept it now. But how could he?

Leo suddenly decided that he needed to stop wallowing in self-pity and get out for awhile. Dragging himself out of his hut into the cool night air, he decided that he wanted enough alcohol to float a ferry... or to get himself really, really good and drunk. Slowly, he trudged over to the bar.
Tags: !auron, !leo
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