Cissnei of the Turks (shuriken_girl) wrote in moogle_island,
Cissnei of the Turks

Characters: Laguna and Cissnei, open if someone wants to visit either of them
Rating: G probably
Summary: The two hutmates meet each other at last.
Warnings: none.

Cissnei returned from her everyday walk around the beach to the hut. She was fairly tired; she's been walking for hours, frustrated about a lot of things she discovered - still bitter over the loss of her powers, still sad for not having hear from her friends for a long time, she was damn sure she didn't want anything to happen.

Her previous hutmates were known for never being around at huts when she was inside. And so, she was really surprised to see Laguna there, and wasn't even completely sure he lived there as well. "Um... hello there."
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