Kefka Palazzo (kookyklownkefka) wrote in moogle_island,
Kefka Palazzo

Characters: Kefka, open to anyone
Rating: PG...?
Summary: Kefka wanders around the island
Warnings: kefka

Another day, another dollar. In this case "dollar" meant small memory. Though rememberances such as "there was a river called such-and-such" seemed trivial, they were nonetheless rememberances. Kefka didn't quite mind their infantile proportions compared to his grander memories, which he knew he had; just waiting for them to come back. But WHY was this process so LONG??? Why should someone like himself be plagued with memory-loss and be recuperating at the same speed as all the useless lives here? Grammatically incorrect that was, but he would never place the word "other" in that last thought because that would hint at including his own life as a useless life, which it wasn't.

While pondering the thoughts of a crazy man, Kefka wandered Mog Central, looking out for anyone like Terra who he might pester or kill. Killing might bring back more memories, plus it was fun. It was another unbearably nice afternoon; he knew he needed to get away from this place soon before he lost his mind (because of course, he didn't know he'd already lost most of it).
Tags: !cecil, !kefka
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