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Moogle Island KH/FF Based RP
Uh-oh, Kupo! Looks like you're stuck here on...



Imagine waking up on a strange beach all alone and with no recollection of how you got there. Come to think of it, you have absolutely no recollection of anything! All you know is that you're on a strange island surrounded by ocean.

Suddenly you notice a black backpack sitting next to you with your name emblazoned on it. Inside the backpack is a small pouch with 500 gil, a voucher for a free hot dog at the "Mog Cafe," a laptop and... a new address?

You don't have a good feeling about this, not at all. Where you shipwrecked? But if so, where's the remains of a boat? Perhaps you were drugged and taken to a desolate island against your will...

Peering in the distance, you notice the start of a muddy trail.

Will you follow it? Will you stay on the beach awhile longer?

What shall fate bring you?


Moogle Island is meant to be a fun RPG that revolves around your character mysteriously waking up on Kupopi Beach, with no recollection of their past and sometimes, not even their own name (though fragmented memories may start to make their way slowly into the front of your characters mind). They have lost their weapon and all powers, absolutely no magic can be cast.

Adorable moogles roam about the island and provide each character with a black backpack with their first and last name emblazoned on it. Inside the backpack is a small pouch with 500 gil, a voucher for a free hot dog at the Mog Cafe, a laptop where you can keep a journal for all to see and your new address!

Also, when you first arrive on the island your character will be given a job! Of course, they can always quit at anytime, but it is recommended that you at least try it out for fun! ^^

Important: Look at the map and get familiar with the island HERE

The Ten Commandments of Moogle Island

1. Thou shall honor your fellow Rpers, kupo.
If you and another player have a problem with each other then either talk it out or ignore each other. Don't bring it to the RP. Racism, sexism, homophobia and the like will NOT be tolerated. We want this to be a fun RP for everyone! THIS IS NOT AN EXCUSE TO STRAY FROM CHARACTERIZATION OR PLOTS JUST TO AVOID SOMEONE Ignoring another player is only an extreme in the case of neither party being able to work out a compromise. We do not want to sacrifice plot and interaction for childishness.

2. Thou shall not make themselves a God, kupo.
This means that you may in no way, shape or form allowed to do anything that would limit any of the other players without their permission. This means that Cloud may not gnaw off Sephiroth's arm unless all players involved agree to it. You may not control anyone else's character, etc. Also, your character is NOT invincible. This means that they can and probably will get hurt. Use this as a general rule: You can only beat up another character to the extent you would allow your character to get beaten up. This also means that they do not have "super strength", etc (ex: no judo chopping trees in half, etc). Thank you.

3. Thou shall be mature, kupo.
This community allows swearing, violence, hetero and homosexuality. All sex and violence should go behind a cut and include a warning outside of the cut. Please use this format when posting RP's:

UPDATE: Not only must you put a warning outside of the cut if the post involves sex or violence, but you must also mark that entry as either "Adult Content" or "Explicit Adult Content" depending on the situation. The mods would also prefer if you made the entry friends only. Click here for visual.

4. Thou shall stay alive, kupo.
Characters must make a post in their journal, the RP comm or the IM comm at least once a week so the mods know you’re active. If a situation occurs where you can't post for more than two weeks then please use the OOC community to inform everyone. Thanks!

5. Thou shall post in the proper place, kupo.
Your characters personal journal is so they can post their thoughts on things or talk about the days events, etc. Everyone on Moogle Island can view and comment to these posts, unless noted otherwise.
moogle_island is the actual IC comm where you will be RP'ing in third person.
im_mog is where all other RP’s go that have taken place outside of the main comm, whether it be through IM or email.
mi_ooc is where all Out Of Character posts go.
mi_colliseum is the battle arena where characters can duke it out using magic and weapons.
mi_toybox is where everything else MI related but not goes.

6. Thou shall never be 1337, kupo.
No one wants to see tHiS sOrT oF typing (editors note: seriously. That take’s me longer than actually writing like a normal person!). We aren’t your 7th grade English teacher and we understand that not everyone speaks English as a first language, but we expect to be able to understand what is being written. Spell check and punctuation is a good, good thing.

7. Thou shall not make wrongful use of their character, kupo.
Please keep your characters true to themselves. They should act how they do in the game.

For example: In Kingdom Hearts, Sora is a nice boy that goes around helping people. Obviously Sora is not going to walk up to someone and punch them in the face. Likewise, Seifer from Final Fantasy 8 is not going to go around hugging moogles.

8. Thou shall not be a character glutton, kupo.
Limit: Five.
Upon first joining, you are allowed up to TWO characters. If after a couple weeks you decide you would like another, then feel free to apply again. However, if the mods feel you aren’t active enough, we hold the power to decline your applications and give the less-than-active characters a one week warning. After that, they will go back up for sale.

You may only join as up to TWO characters from the same game. If you would like more, you must speak with both of the mods and explain your reasoning. Which better not include “someone else will suck as this person!”

Also, we must address games with sequals. There may only be ONE of each character. If someone joins as FFX Yuna, there may not be an FFX-2 Yuna. If we have a bunch of doubles running around it could get pretty confusing.

Oh and summons aren’t allowed unless you speak with all of the mods first.

9. Thou shall not commit copyright infringement, kupo.
Despite allowing the original Kingdom Hearts characters to join (Sora, Kairi, Axel, etc), we do not allow Disney characters such as Donald and Goofy. No, we aren’t afraid of Disney slash or non-human characters (*insert eye roll here*). But there have been LJ-Urban Legends telling tale of innocent teenagers gathering together to roleplay Mickey and Minnie and being viciously mauled by a rabid corporate machine called DISNEY.

10. Thou shall have been born, kupo.
You may only join as characters from officially released Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy games, minus The Spirits Within.

Moogles: mister_moogle is not only the mod, but was created for plot purposes. All other moogles which don't play a major part, you guys have control over. If you want a character to interact with a moogle, then that's all fine and dandy. Matter of fact, since this is Moogle Island, they most likely will be. Whether they're just turning in a voucher for a free hot dog or if they accidentally trip over one! Just remember that moogles are friendly creatures!

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